Access Statement

Throughout the cottage there is ample space to manoeuvre a wheelchair with a clear area in each room to allow for turning. The floor coverings are either lino or short-pile carpet to aid movement. All the light switches, rails and coat hooks are lowered and the sockets are higher than in a conventional house. Nearly all the furniture is free standing so that it can be moved to suit your individual requirements.

The parking space and garden have been created into a flat area so that guests with walking difficulties as well as wheelchair-users can appreciate our beautiful countryside.

Sitting Room

  • Large comfortable settee and chair. Both have arms and high backs. Chair raisers are provided.


  • Free access to all worktops.
  • Sink with clear under space.
  • Lowered hob with clear under space.
  • Access to controls on all equipment including the hob, oven, washing machine and microwave.
  • Raised oven to allow for transfer of food to worktop.
  • Fridge and freezer are accessible to the disabled guest.
  • Dining table has a higher than average surface, with clear under space to allow access for a wheelchair.

Bedroom 1

  • Double bed, with raised surface and clear space on both sides to allow for transfer.
  • Bed Blocks are provided.
  • Lowered wardrobe rail for ease of use.
  • Telephone next to the bed, which is for the sole use of the cottage and accepts outgoing as well as incoming calls.

Bathroom 1

  • Drive in shower without step or lip and anti-slip drying area.
  • Foldaway shower seat with handrail positioned on the wall opposite the transfer side. There is a drop-down rail on the transfer side of the seat.
  • Raised toilet seat with fixed handrail on the wall opposite the transfer side. In addition there is a drop-down handrail on the transfer side.
  • 4″ toilet seat raiser provided.
  • Washbasin with lever taps and clear under space to allow for wheelchair access. There is a vertical handrail to the left of the washbasin to aid support.
  • Fully manoeuvrable shower chair/commode with removable armrests.
  • Horizontal rail attached to door to enable it to be closed